Vegas Trip Report – June 6-8 2008


June 11, 2008

Well, it’s WSOP time again, and I flew out to Vegas for a weekend of mid-stakes action. In no particular order, here are some random observations:

  • There’s actually PLO being spread during the series. For those that like PLO, this is a good thing. There were 5/5 games at the Rio, and a mixed PLO/NL holdem game at the Bellagio.
  • Pot limit games with novice players are a total mess
  • The limit holdem games get much better during the series
  • Ballys is a good place for a poker player traveling on the cheap to stay. I got a basic room at a bargain basement rate, slipped the checkin clerk a $20, and ended up in a giant suite. The furnishings weren’t the best (except the bed, which was very nice), but I got way more than I paid for. Being just across the bridge from the Bellagio is a huge time saver. Staying at the Bellagio would have been even more convenient, but a poker rate basic room there would cost me about twice what my suite cost me at Ballys.
  • Above the $1000 buyin point, I think the limit games are currently softer than the NL games.
  • The Venitian has a great poker room. Too bad they have a hard time getting much non-tournament action.
  • The WSOP action is not saving the Mirage limit games – they’re effectively dead. Bummer.
  • Dealer quality at the Rio sucks during the series.
  • The BBQ place in the Caesars food court is pretty tasty.
  • The gap between mid and high limit holdem is very confused at the moment – no one’s sure what to spread. 50/100 with green chips seems like the best option, but Bellagio had 60/120 (didn’t see the chips) at one point. None of these games seem to go reliably, whereas 100/200 was totally reliably.
  • The 1/2NL at Ballys (which I played while waiting to leave for my flight) is ridiculously easy. Anyone looking for a place to get started in NL would be wise to stop by Ballys.

Anyways, this may or may not be of interest to people. But those were the things that struck me.

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