Review: The Theory of Poker

5 Star, Book Reviews

July 27, 2007

Author: David Sklansky

Publisher: 2+2 Publishing

The Theory of Poker is far and away the best of the 2+2 poker books, and indeed is likely the best poker book ever published. Instead of providing instruction on a particular poker game, it explains the mathematics and logic behind all forms of poker. It teaches you how to think about poker, so that when you encounter a new situation you haven’t previously studied, you can reason out the right play on the spot. It’s the “why” to every other book’s “how”.

In addition to teaching you how to think about poker, Theory of Poker has set the terminology used in modern poker books and discussions. It is the required pre-reading if you want to get the full benefit of discussion on this site, or anywhere else online for that matter. The Theory of Poker has a style very consistent with CardSharp – namely a rigorous and logically reasoned approach to play.

One caveat: do not make this your first poker book. Start with something more concrete on your favorite game – possibly one of the 2+2 “Advanced Player” series books or the appropriate super system chapter. When you’re got a few hundred hours of play under your belt, then you can come back to this book.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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