Review: Harrington on Holdem Volume 1

5 Star, Book Reviews

July 28, 2007

Author: Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie

Publisher: 2+2

This book focuses on the fundamentals of playing no limit holdem in a tournament setting (although much of the information is also applicable to cash games). The book covers starting hand selection & various topics in postflop play at a full table. It doesn’t assume the reader has a particularly deep poker background. Those who have more experience with the game may find the book a little “beginnerish” but it sets a solid foundation for the more advanced material in the next two volumes.

There are numerous things to like about this book. first, the material Harrington presents is uniformly correct. Second, when you consider all three volumes, it’s complete – all the information you need to win in NL holdem tournaments of any structure is there. Third, the book has wonderful teaching examples & test problems taken from actual play that not only test your knowledge of the material, but expand upon and clarify the topics presented. if you work through the problems in all three books, it’s like playing a series of tournaments with an expert tutor evaluating your play every step of the way. I can’t think of a better way to gain experience quickly.

Unlike most 2+2 books, this one is well written, edited, and organized. In fact, there’s essentially nothing to complain about. It’s that good.

This series is the gold standard on no limit tournament play. Nothing else comes close. Anyone who takes tournament play seriously will buy and read all three volumes. These books are also the best starting point for beginner players who have watched no limit holdem tournaments on TV and want to learn to play the game.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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