Project Poker Theory And Mathematics

Here is where I collect all the posts on poker theory and mathematics.  The theoretical aspects of the game have always been an interest of mine, and I hope to eventually expand this section to cover all the important topics in the field – sort of an updated Theory of Poker.  I’m making progress.

Poker Theory Posts

The Fundamental Theorem of Poker

The Nuts

Odds & Poker (Pot, Card, Implied, Reverse etc.)

Discounting Outs

What Does It Mean To Be In Position?

Play On The End, Part One: Value Bets, Bluffs, and “Dark Tunnel” Bets

Play On The End, Part Two: Calling to Catch a Bluff

Let Them In Or Keep Them Out? The Horserace Paradox & Poker

The Basic Theory of Bluffing

Classifying Bets & Raises Part 1 – Why You Should Care

Classifying Bets & Raises Part 2 – The Risk-Reward Approach

Classifying Bets And Raises Part 3 – Aggression Is Overrated

The Betting Lead

Chinese Peasants, Logic, and Poker (Beware Of Hand Range Arguments)

The Effects of Structure And The Motivation To Play a Hand

Poker Mathematics, Arithmetic & Game Theory Posts

The “rho” – A Mathematical Diversion

The “rho” Nature of Game Strategies

Poker Strategy In Terms of Rhos

Changing Gears, or What The Top Pros Know That You Don’t

Game Theory Part 1: What Is It?

Game Theory Part 3: Observations

Game Theory Part 2: Applications To Poker

Game Theory Part 4: Personal Opinions, Or Why I’m Not a Big Fan of Game Theory

A Mathematical Example of Why “Small Ball” Tournament Play Works

Poker Mathematics & Arithmetic

Doing Arithmetic With Odds

Making Poker Math Easier

Recommended Books

Review: The Theory of Poker

Review: The Mathematics of Poker