A New Look And Some New Features For The New Year

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December 21, 2008

It’s that magical time of year – I’m taking two weeks off work whether I like it or not since getting vacation off the books improves the virtual bottom line supposedly.  As such I have time to tackle those long-hibernating projects.  One of them is getting the look and feel of CardSharp updated.  Hopefully you like the new template, and if not then drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.  I know the innards of the new template much better since I wrote it myself, so there’s actually a reasonable chance I’ll address any complaints.

In adition to the new look, CardSharp has gotten some new features that the old theme didn’t support well enough to bother with. First and foremost on the list is comments.  These are in for a trial period.  I want to see how worthwhile the comments are vs. how much spam I get.  For the time being all comments will be moderated, so the turnaround time won’t be great.  But it should still allow some discussion on the articles.  Of course technology has thrown the usual spanner in the works, as all the old articles are still flagged “no comments” even though the system now supports comments and I have to update them one at a time by hand.  I’ve done the most recent 15 or so already, and I’ll try to get the rest of them ASAP.  Bear with me.

The other major new feature is a blogroll.  I’ve always had a links page, and I’m glad to exchange links with non-spam poker blogs, forums, and strategy sites.  This should just make the process easier, and the links more useful both from a SEO and natural traffic point of view.  If you want to swap links, let me know.

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10 Responses to “A New Look And Some New Features For The New Year”

  1. Jesse Goodin Says:

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. Wayne Vinson Says:

    I did the everything myself working off the WordPress default scheme to pick up the PHP and CSS syntax. There’s really very little to it. If you want to grab the CSS, go ahead. It should be pretty readable. The PHP probably won’t do you much good even if you’re using wordpress since I’ve tailored it specifically to this site and cut out lots of general purpose functionality that you’d probably want.

  3. MMelia Says:

    Hey Wayne,

    You need to adjust your comment box so that it doesn’t flow over into your right column. BTW, I really enjoy your blog.

  4. Wayne Vinson Says:

    What browser are you using?

  5. Wayne Vinson Says:

    I moved the right side of the box left a little. The markup looked right, but that doesn’t means someone can’t find a way to mis-render it. Anyone else seeing this problem now?

  6. MMelia Says:

    It was in Firefox, its good now. IE and Chrome look fine too.

  7. Wayne Vinson Says:

    Thanks for the help and for the kind words about the blog.

  8. das Says:


    I prefered the old look, but I read your articles via a RSS feeder, so it won’t impact me much.
    I like this blog, keep the good work!

  9. Jason Says:

    Really like your blog – you’ve helped me clarify some of my own thinking on poker.

    I’d like a link at the end of each article that let’s you click to the next/previous article. I come here once every month or so and I’d like to be able to read through all your latest posts in series.


  10. Wayne Vinson Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see if I can get it working.

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